Chikitsak Samuha's Multipurpose Education Centre

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Our Objectives

  • Admission Qualification:
    The student should have passed
    1. 12th standard of HSC Board of Maharashtra, or its equivalent [including MCVC (Minimum Competency Vocational Courses)]
    2. 3-year Diploma of Board of Technical Examination or equivalent
    3. 2-year ITI Programme of any trade after 10th standard-passed.
    4. 2-year course of Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education after 10th.
    5. YCMOU Preparatory passed

  • Lateral Entry Scheme:
    1. The learners who have successfully completed the 3-year diploma in Computers/Information Technology from Government Technical Board after 10th.

  • Programme Duration:
    The 3-year BCA programme has 6 semesters. Each Semester has 7 subjects (4 Theory & 3 Practical). During the 6th semester there are 6 subjects (3 Theory, 2 Practical & 1 Project).

First Year
Sr. no. Course Sr. no. Course
1 English Communication 1 Environmental Studies
2 Mathematics 2 Statistics
3 Problem Solving using Computers 3 Data Structure using C++
4 Programming using C++ 4 Computer Networks
5 Lab: Mathematics 5 Lab: Statistics
6 Lab: Problem Solving using Computers 6 Lab: Data Structure using C++
7 Lab: Programming using C++ 7 Lab: Computer Networks

Second Year
Sr. no. Course Sr. no. Course
1 IT and E-Learning Skills 1 Financial and Investment Skills
2 Operating Systems 2 Computer System Architecture
3 Web Technologies 3 Software Engineering
4 Database Management Systems 4 JAVA
5 Lab: Operating Systems 5 Lab: Computer System Architecture
6 Lab: Web Technologies 6 Lab: Software Engineering
7 Lab: Database Management Systems 7 Lab: JAVA

Third Year
Sr. no. Course Sr. no. Course
1 Quantitative Aptitude 1 Personality and Career Skills
2 E Commerce Technologies 2 Android Programming
3 Advance JAVA 3 PHP Programming
4 Linux Administration 4 Lab: Android Programming
5 Lab: E Commerce Technologies 5 Lab: PHP Programming
6 Lab: Advance JAVA 6 Project-BCA
7 Lab: Linux Administration

  • Fee Structure:
    The student is required to pay yearly fees along with the admission form while taking the admission at the Study Centre. The fees include the examination fees for the first attempt.
    Sr. No.
    1 BCA - First Year 19,100/-
    2 BCA - Second Year 22,100/-
    3 BCA - Third Year 16,100/-